Microsoft is asking AMD to help fill the shortfall for the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft is asking AMD to help fill the shortfall for the Xbox Series X.

Nearly three months after the launch of the Xbox Series X and S, Microsoft is still struggling to meet strong demand for its new consoles, with stock shortages expected to remain until at least April 2021. But in a new Microsoft podcast featuring Xbox Live President Larry Hareeb, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer reassured fans that the company is working hard to expand its Xbox Series X inventory.

At the same time, the commander said he turned to AMD to urge the SoC manufacturer to increase production to meet demand. Some people ask, ‘Why haven’t you fired more? Why didn’t you start early? Why did you not collect enough stocks beforehand? “Etc. It all actually goes back to physics and technology. We’re not stopping production: we’re making keyboards as fast as we can. We have all the assembly lines. Last week I was on the phone with Lisa Sue (Lisa) for him) By AMD He discussed one question: “How can we get more chips?” So we are constantly working in this direction, – Mr. Spencer said.

AMD makes SoCs for both the Xbox Series X and Series S, and it’s made up of an AMD Zen 2 octa-core processor and RDNA 2 graphics. If AMD increases production of these chips, Microsoft could (theoretically) make more consoles … but it’s not just Xbox consoles that use AMD chips. The PlayStation 5 is based on a similar SoC from AMD – Sony is also in short supply for its new console.

And it isn’t just us: Games are really getting more popular in 2020– Mr. Spencer said. – clearly Play Station 5 he’s also had a major deficit. Looking at AMD graphics cards And NVIDIAThen a similar situation was observed there. There is simply a lot of interest in games now, and console implementation is just one sign. Games sales are growing rapidly and there is a shortage of new hardware. But we are working hard. The teams responsible for this are incredibly dedicated and I appreciate the patience of the people as we work to release more systems. ”.

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