The long queues in Schiphol caused angry reactions

The long queues in Schiphol caused angry reactions

A Schiphol spokesperson clarifies after the NH Nieuws report, among others, that the airport has requested more security officers from security companies. There can be several reasons why fewer people are getting a job. For example, there may be more security guards who have called in patients, but the spokesperson cannot clarify if this is the case.

Due to staff shortages in security and baggage handling, chaotic scenes in Schiphol have been more frequent this year. The past few days have been somewhat quieter, in part due to the actions of Schiphol. At the time, according to Schiphol, people did not have to queue outside, despite the fact that the number of departing passengers was slightly more than about 50,000 on Saturday.

Earlier on Saturday, Schiphol already warned on its website that travelers may have to wait outside under an umbrella. That turned out to be an over-optimistic estimate. In practice, people also had to stand outside the roofs. The latter also emerges from the photos that people have posted on social media.

An angry traveler, for example, tweeted, for example, with pictures of large crowds of people in front of and in front of the airport: “The line even starts outside the tent. I’ve been in line for over 180 minutes! What a misery!” Someone also posted a photo of several bags left behind, with the caption “You’re ashamed of yourself.” The bag problem has been going on for some time, but Schiphol has not provided figures on how many orphaned bags it has taken care of in recent weeks.

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