The Little World of Joris Van Alvin – The Early Birds

The Little World of Joris Van Alvin - The Early Birds


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Joris van Alphen while working on the nature series Tiny World

© Submitted by Joris Van Alvin

What does the world look like through the eyes of a bee or a little mouse? What adventures are they going through at this time of pollution and climate change? This is the basis of Apple’s Tiny World nature series. Season 2 begins today, with photos taken by a crew of 90 directors, including Joris Van Alvin.

essential role

It is one of the greatest nature series in recent production, and it can be compared to Planet Earth II on BBC. The first season started in October of last year. What sets it apart, except that all kinds of new technology have been used, is mainly the method of reporting. Each episode tells the story of an individual animal facing all kinds of challenges from start to finish.

Toxic Arrow Scope

For the series, Joris Van Alvin traveled to England, France, Norway, the United States and Costa Rica. Season 1 came out in October and mainly filmed for episode two, The Woods. The protagonist in this is a colorful dart frog that climbs a tree to lay its eggs in a bromeliad. Watch a behind-the-scenes video here.

Grassland landscapes

Season 2 begins with an episode about landscapes of northwestern European meadows, featuring spiders, butterflies and bumblebees. It is clearly not easy for them due to the intensification of that cultivation. But even for a photographer, it is not easy to get a clear image of a butterfly or a bee flying in all directions. This requires good setup, a long time and a high speed (1000fps) camera that you don’t like when you have to run after an insect.

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an Apple

Small Animal Adventures was voiced by Paul Rudd, who played Ant-Man in the movie of the same name. Tiny World can be watched on Apple’s Live Streaming service. Watch the trailer below:

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