The largest emitters of nitrogen oxides | the interior

The largest emitters of nitrogen oxides |  the interior

This is evidenced by two lists that Minister Christian van der Waal (Nature and Nitrogen) sent to Parliament on Tuesday. One is the top 100 emitters of nitrogen oxide, and the second is the top 100 company that releases the most ammonia into the air. Both are sources of nitrogen that in nature harm the growth of plants at risk.


The top 10 for NOx also includes four refineries: two from Shell and one from BP and ISO. Industrial companies Dow Chemicals in Terneuzen and Chemelot Site Permit in Sittard-Geleen are also responsible for emissions of more than two million kilograms in 2019.

Rockwool BV from Roermond is in the top ten ammonia emitters with 259,000 kg in 2019. Five names of the top ten industrial companies, such as Olam Cacao and Cargill Cacao in Zaanstad. There are also five large livestock farms among the largest emitters of ammonia in the Netherlands, most of which are from southern Holland.

natural areas

Last Friday, the Cabinet decided to tackle the nitrogen problem at an accelerated pace, focusing mainly on farms close to nature reserves. In the extreme case, van der Waal, the VVD minister, does not rule out expropriation. The news caused major upheaval among farming families who had been farming in the same place for generations.

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