The Joker’s New Boyfriend Gets His Own Series On HBO Max

The Joker's New Boyfriend Gets His Own Series On HBO Max

The Joker has a new friend in comics this year: Punchline. She will get her own series.

HBO Max had already gained 12 million subscribers in the US in the first six months. A good start, but it’s not close to Disney + and Netflix subscribers.

To finally achieve this, film studio Warner Bros. Strongly in the original content release. For example, all cinema films that will be released in 2021 will also be on the platform. Not just months after it was released in the movies, but on the same day.

More original content
HBO Max is also fully committed to producing original content. The company puts a lot of DCEU online for this. So we get a four-part mini-series about Zack Snyder Justice Squad, A series released as an introduction to Batman John Cena serves and brings us one peace makerSmall.

But it doesn’t stop there. Mikey Sutton, who usually has very reliable sources, stated that comic character Punchline will also have a live action series.

This heroine made her debut in DC Comics in April of this year and is the new right-handed Joker. Warner Bros. The character wants to go live now.

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