“The Brexit deal may be announced on Wednesday or Thursday.” right Now

"The Brexit deal may be announced on Wednesday or Thursday."  right Now

Negotiators from the European Union and the United Kingdom will be close to making a deal. The deal could be announced on Wednesday or Thursday evening, and European Union member states would have been asked to prepare to activate the deal after the end of the year.

Diplomat from the European Union says to a news agency Reuters The deal is already so tangible that it is a matter of “announcing today or tomorrow.” According to another source within the European Commission, the talks are still in their “final stage”.

The European Council, which represents the leaders of all member states, is now preparing for the temporary implementation of the trade agreements. As a result, the treaty could enter into force, for example before being debated by the European Parliament.

The British left the European Union at the end of January, but in the transition period until December 31, they are still bound by the existing agreements with the Qatari bloc. In the absence of a trade agreement before then, the ground rules that are extremely unfavorable for the WTO will continue to apply. This creates time-consuming customs procedures and high import duties at the border.

Several British newspapers have reported that an agreement is imminent. According to a political reporter from the sun At the last minute, the agreements on electric vehicle batteries were still in dispute. The Business Newspaper Financial times Reports based on well-informed sources on the British side said there are still discussions about hunting and fair competition, but a Wednesday evening deal is possible.

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