The House official resigns from his position due to the investigation of former President Aribe

The House official resigns from his position due to the investigation of former President Aribe

Writer Simon Ross – who has been the permanent face on the Speaker’s side for years – announced the entire senior official’s departure in a written statement. According to the Registrar, “It is no longer possible as an employer to provide a safe working environment.”

unsafe culture

The senior official stated that the investigation of the former chamber chairperson, Khadija Arib, is political and that they no longer feel safe. Civil servants have become “part of the political chess game”.

As a result, employee safety protections faded into the background. Officials blame this, among other things, on the political leadership of the House of Representatives, including current Speaker of the House Vera Bergkamp. “We classify culture in the House of Representatives as often unsafe and therefore unhealthy.”

According to political reporter Frits Wester, never before has the entire summit resigned, as the House administration says, out of dissatisfaction. According to Wester, the position of the current Speaker of the House – Vera Bergkamp – is now almost untenable.

angry arab

Former House Speaker Arieb resigned last month after an investigation was announced over the anonymous allegations. She points out that she was subjected to these anonymous accusations as “stabs.”

The investigation later came under fire because many parties believed the investigation should never have started. The two sides are also critical of the way the investigation is being conducted.

“Too bad,” Labor Council Chairman Michael Mertz believes the situation surrounding the Oraib investigation is bad. He accuses the presidency of not defending the officials. According to him, the policy cannot continue “indefinitely” to insult officials. “The man was played, without the officials being able to defend themselves,” Mertz says. “scandal”.

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According to him, the extension is over for many civil servants who work in the House of Representatives. He has no idea how to proceed. The Works Council will meet at the beginning of next week to discuss the situation that has arisen.

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