The hardest bite Rotterdam, hairdressing salon, moved to Indonesia

The hardest bite Rotterdam, hairdressing salon, moved to Indonesia

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Rotterdam’s original kapsalon – a strong snack consisting of french fries, meat, sauce, cheese and lettuce from the oven – has arrived in Indonesia. First dinner in Jakarta serving hair salon is a reality.

Indonesian Vicki Victorio Bodeman lived in Rotterdam while studying, where he got acquainted with the dish, the restaurateur told a reporter from Raymond.

“Rotterdam has the best hair salons. We always ate them after going out and during long study nights. When we came back to Indonesia after our studies we felt we missed the hair salon. Now we have our own dinner where we sell hair salon.”

‘Dutch comfort food’, appears on the billboard in front of Smaklek Restaurant. Although the restaurant mainly attracts Dutch expats and tourists, the dish is adapted to the Indonesian taste. For example, a version with rice is available instead of french fries. According to the owners, this hair salon is well picked up in Jakarta. A second branch will open soon outside the city.

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The Netherlands owes its hair salon to Cape Verdean hairstylist Nathaniel Gomez, who made his own dish nearly twenty years ago in his neighbors’ El Aviva shawarma shop in Schiedamseweg in Rotterdam.

So the proud Rotterdamers weren’t happy with the Amsterdam announcement a few years ago, which “Amsterdam specialty” was standing.

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