The Good Doctor is back for its fifth season

The Good Doctor seizoen 5

The third season of Good Doctor came online in 2019 and followed by the fourth in 2020. Now fans of the series, whose first three seasons can only be broadcast on Amazon Prime Video in Belgium, want to know if there is also a fifth season. Since this is now officially confirmed, in this article you will find everything we know so far about the news, trailer and release date. The Good Doctor Season 5 on Amazon Prime Video!

→ You can find all current and new seasons of The Good Doctor Here

What is the story of The Good Doctor?

The series revolves around Sean Murphy, a young autistic surgeon with Savant Syndrome from the mid-sized town of Casper, Wyoming, who had a troubled childhood. He relocates to San Jose, California to work at the prestigious San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.

title: The good doctor
Good heart: Series
Seasons: 5 seasons
Type: drama
IMDb: 8.2 out of 62,000 votes
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When will The Good Doctor Season 5 appear on Amazon Prime Video?

Good news for fans of The Good Doctor, because the first step towards Season 5 has been taken. An official announcement has been made to extend the series with new episodes! This was said by the Twitter account of the ABC series.

It is not yet known when The Good Doctor Season 5 will air in Belgium, on Amazon Prime Video, or possibly with another streaming service in the future. However, based on the posting of previous seasons and the filming difficulties brought about by COVID-19, it seems likely that this will not be until 2022.

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  • When will The Good Doctor Season 5 appear on Amazon Prime Video?

    It is not currently known when the fifth season of The Good Doctor series will air on Amazon Prime Video. However, based on the posting of previous seasons, it doesn’t look like it will be before 2022. Once we know more, you’ll find the release date in your email.

  • Where can you watch The Good Doctor Season 5 online?

    In Belgium, The Good Doctor can be watched exclusively on Amazon Prime Video (with 3 seasons), so unfortunately not on other streaming services like Netflix or Disney +. Once the fifth season arrives online in Belgium, it is expected to be published there as well.

For example, you can actually watch The Good Doctor Season 1-4 online

In Belgium, Amazon Prime Video has not yet acquired the rights to the fourth season of The Good Doctor, so this series cannot be seen on the Belgian Video-On-Demand show. Also, other streaming services such as Disney + or Netflix do not have the series shown at this time. However, you can actually watch The Good Doctor Season 4 from Belgium with one very easy trick: a good VPN.

In short, it works very simply: a VPN is an anonymous internet connection that guarantees your privacy. This allows you to set the location signal that your device sends yourself. Do you set up your own VPN in the US? Then one of the websites thinks you are in the US and as a result you can only watch the fourth season of The Good Doctor. In a few simple steps, this works like this:

  1. Go to Surfshark (Or another provider) and get a good VPN for only € 2 a month
  2. Locate your location to the United States via the app
  3. Go directly to The Good Doctor Season 1-4 on ABC’s website and start watching! 🍿
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Will there be The Good Doctor season 6 or will it be the final season of the S5 series?

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know how long The Good Doctor series will last. So nothing is known yet about the possible arrival of Season 6.

What teaser or trailer is there for The Good Doctor 5 season?

Unfortunately, a trailer for the fifth season of The Good Doctor isn’t available yet, but maybe you can warm up with the pictures from the fourth part of the series.

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