The Frisian flag at half mast in Groningen after the departure of the Frisian Emeritus Professor

The Frisian flag at half mast in Groningen after the departure of the Frisian Emeritus Professor

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At the University of Groningen (RUG), Frisian flag activists got stuck at half-mast last night. There had been unrest inside and outside the university for some time regarding the disappearance of Professor Kamil of Frisian. The flag was raised in the morning.

Since Professor Jove Ginsma’s retirement, there has been uproar over his succession. As successor, Anne Merkuur was appointed as an assistant professor, with a two-day appointment, while Jensma worked full-time, writes Omrop Fryslân.

The flag was damaged by activists and removed:

The University of Groningen removes the Frisian flag hanging at half mast

Two weeks ago, several Frisian dignitaries called on the university to appoint a full professor. In an open letter they spoke of an “unnecessary step back” and a “hard cut for our vulnerable minority language”.

Writers, including Ginsma herself, feared that the Pharisee would disappear into the university if a full successor to Ginsma was not soon appointed. After all, without a professor, study cannot sustain itself in the current academic climate.

“There’s nothing wrong with a caliph.”

The university chose Mercure because the application procedure had not resulted in a “new, hirable professor,” the regional broadcaster wrote. Letter writers find this very easy, according to them, there are many suitable people to find.

Minister Bruins Sloat also spoke on the issue. In Rede van Fryslân last week, I wondered whether the succession of Goffe Jensma by a university lecturer would not conflict with the agreements made between the government and the university on the promotion of Frisian university education.

According to the regional radio, a delegation from DINGtiid, an advisory body for the Frisian language, will speak to the chair of the RUG Executive Board about the matter today, according to the regional radio.

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