‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ remake announces a new lead actor to play Will Smith

the-fresh-prince-of-bel-air Will Smith

Bel Air, restart the famous series The new prince of Bel Air From the 1990s, it was announced who would star in the series. Surprisingly, the business makers chose the relatively unknown Jabari Banks. He will soon appear in the role given by Will Smith some thirty years ago.

The last episode of. in 1996 The new prince of Bel Air. The popular comedy ended after six seasons and 148 episodes. In recent years, there have been many rumors of a reboot of the series, but it took until recently before this remake became concrete.

Bel Air

Things took off when super fan Morgan Cooper dropped an online trailer for his fictional remake in March 2019 Bel Air. The video immediately spread and reached Will Smith. The international superstar was clearly a fan of Cooper’s idea and immediately worked with her. A little over a year ago, Will Smith and Morgan Cooper officially announced it Bel Air It worked as a complete series. After bidding between streaming services, it was eventually Peacock who won the series and immediately ordered two seasons.

Unlike the original series The new prince of Bel Air Will remake Bel Air Don’t be a skit. Instead, it will be a drama series with one hour episodes. Although the Bel Air Developed in the United States today and dealing with current issues, the original idea is preserved.

Jabari Banks

So Will Smith had to look for an alternative to his leading role since the 90s, which he found in Jabari Banks. This will be the first-ever role for the young actor who hails from West Philadelphia. It was Will Smith himself who gave the banks the good news as you can see in the video below.

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