‘The First Purge’ director makes ‘Black’: a movie with only black superheroes

'The First Purge' director makes 'Black': a movie with only black superheroes

In 2020, we last talked about the intended adaptation of the movie blackComedy where only blacks have superpowers. We now know who will direct the movie.

Director Gerard McMurray, who previously featured First purge (2018) and the Netflix movie burning sand (2017) Made, you’ll work with black-filming. He will direct and write the script.

the story
The story that is described as an intersection between X-Men And the TV series the wire, in the United States, where only the African American people have great powers. This was first discovered when Kareem Jenkins, a Brooklyn teen, was racially profiled and shot by police.

Karim survives this attack by certain forces and searches for other people with similar powers. He discovers a grand plot to ensure these forces remain secret from the rest of the world, especially from the black community.

The comedian comes from Kwanzaa Osajevo and Tim Smith III. After Osajyefo came up with the concept, he then raised over $90,000 via Kickstarter to actually make the comic.

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