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BREDEVOORT – From August 12 to September 11, the former gallery Foto21 in Bredevoort will host an exhibition by collective artist De Kunstrijders. The exhibition’s subject matter is from Rosy Fingered Dawn At Lousepoint, a famous painting by William de Kooning (1904-1997), a Dutch-born painter who lived in the United States most of his life.

With this painting, which is an abstract representation of a landscape and consists of no more than a few swipes of yellow, pink, and brown paint, De Kooning attempted to evoke the feeling he felt when he saw the dawn with the first rays of the sun like the beginning of a new day. There has been a lot of speculation about what De Kooning might mean with this painting. Does it symbolize awareness of the passage of time? Or does it symbolize eternity and the possibility of a new beginning? Or is it the feeling of beauty that is chiefly aroused by dawn, the first light of the morning spreading over the land and sea with its pink fingers, and is it an attempt to express this feeling in a painting?

“The water’s reflecting off, but I’m thinking about the water,” De Kooning said of the bay at Louise Point. This beautiful painting with a poetic title inspired the artists participating in the exhibition at Foto21 to create new work. In preparation for the exhibition, the participants again looked at the work of this well-known artist, after which everyone gave substance to the topic in their own way. Several artistic disciplines are represented in this gallery, including drawings, paintings, sculptures, and photographs.

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The figure skaters are: Maria C Breuer, Karen van Doren, Pete Post, Bert Takken and Denny Wickerenk. Guest exhibitors are Ella Koopman and Ieteke van Kuik.

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