The FIA ​​removes one DRS zone for the Australian GP following safety concerns

The FIA ​​removes one DRS zone for the Australian GP following safety concerns

Drivers no longer have four options for using the DRS in Albert Park this weekend, but three. The FIA ​​decided to remove DRS Zone 4 due to safety concerns.

To make the Australian Grand Prix, which has produced a few memorable races in recent years, more interesting, the FIA ​​has decided to use no fewer than four DRS regions this weekend. In previous versions there were three, but thanks to changes to the circuit, drivers are now also able to activate the DRS between Turn 8 and Turn 9, which is now a fast section.

Drivers can use this for a minimum of one day, because this morning the FIA ​​decided the opposite. The Board of Directors decided to remove this DRS area on security grounds, according to an amended document. The DRS will remain between Turns 10 and 11, but now the discovery point before Turn 9. As a result, the drivers can no longer use it in Free Practice 3 and will also use it in qualifying and racing. DRS area.

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The other two DRS regions are not set. As a result, drivers who are within 1 second of their race at the start/finish and between the second and third turns can use the DRS. The detection point for these two areas is just before Turn 13.

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