Lucid Air test on the Tesla website in Fremont >

Lucid Air test on the Tesla website in Fremont >

It’s not uncommon for automakers to buy competing models in order to compare them to their own and perhaps learn something from them – for example, electric Tesla cars have been seen many times by other companies. However, Tesla itself was not previously known for this practice, perhaps because CEO Elon Musk prefers to go his own way. But with Lucid Air, a former employee gave him an electric car that sets the standards in some ways — and in fact has now been seen during a test drive at the Tesla plant in Fremont.

Clear test courses on the Tesla website

The Lucid Air has been shipped in the US since late 2021. A little over a year ago, the company run by Tesla’s former lead developer for the Model S began releasing segmented specs for the electric vehicle, and they were compelling. The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) range of more than 800 km was a new record. After that, Lucid revealed that the Air can charge up to 300 kilowatts, which is also more than Tesla. In addition, the sedan should be more efficient than the Model S.

In all of this, Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson has always maintained that he doesn’t see his company as a competition to Tesla, but rather to established luxury brands like Mercedes. However, Musk also appears to be very interested in the air. Because a version of it was filmed this week on the road at the factory in Fremont, where Tesla usually drives its own electric cars. Then perhaps the dismantling of Lucid Air began.

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The test drives in Fremont can be seen in a drone video released this week by little-known YouTube channel Met God in Wilderness. It shows the entire Tesla site, which, according to the text overlays, there was noticeably little activity during the flight. But many viewers confirmed the YouTube user’s suspicions that he had set the Lucid Air on the track. In one scene, the electric car appears to be driving comfortably on the circular section of the track, while another scene shows a steady start at full power on a straight line.

Foreign electric car disassembled

When it comes to acceleration, Tesla reclaimed the electric car crown shortly after the Air Show with the Model S Plaid, but it can’t keep up with range and efficiency. On the first point, CEO Musk recently said that more than 400 miles of range (644 km) is not necessary, but the high efficiency with the Lucid should not be disputed. The competition now also appears to be spurring business for Tesla. According to fund manager Taylor Ogan, the air has been tested there for a few months. Meanwhile, the dismantling process has begun stated Tuesday on Twitter.

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