Enjoy fun activities, winter sports and lots of sunshine

Enjoy fun activities, winter sports and lots of sunshine

Bright sun, lots of snow, fun parties and good food. These are the components of Spring Blanc in Ischgl, also known as “White Spring”. Great new concept at Silvretta Arena! You can finish the season here from April to early May with a series of exciting events. From Top of the Mountain concerts to gourmet food and stunning views: Spring Blanc in Ischgl promises to be a lot of fun. Curious, keep reading!

Music during Spring Blanc in Ischgl

Spring Blanc in Ischgl is already in full swing. With snowfall, even in Holland, piste conditions are now perfect. Not that Silvretta Arena would have gone bad if it wasn’t for the recent snowfall! As 90% of the slopes are over 2,000m in height, the ski area is completely snow-secured and you can still enjoy great winter sport in April. However, the slopes are not the only reason to come to Spring Blanc in Ischgl, as there are plenty of fun events organized during this month. There really is something for everyone! From musical performances by famous local and international artists to delicious cuisine with a beautiful view. Below we tell you exactly what will be organized and when!

The 32nd International Spring Snow Festival

On April 9 and 10, we can enjoy the 32nd edition of the International Spring Snow Festival. The festival brings together comedians and live performances in the Alp Trida. Fans had to wait a long time for this moment: German girl group NO ANGELS is performing here for the first time in 20 years. The group is the most successful German girl group ever, with hits like Daylight in your eyes And the first album Elements† The comedians who will perform at the festival are not small names either. Award-winning artists such as Oropax, Rob Spence, Joël von Mutzenbecher and Sven Ivanic will take to the stage. The prank show starts on April 9th ​​at 12:30pm.

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mountain top party

After missing the Top of the Mountain concert series for two years, the action is finally back. The first edition of this year, the Spring Edition, was released on the 2nd of last April and was a huge success. The concert, titled simply Red, marked the beginning of the events of Spring Blanc. Next Sunday, April 17, the second edition of the festival will be held with German artist Max Motzky. Then, it only took 13 days for the band, Kings of Leon, to shut down their series of events on April 30 during their Top of the Mountain closing concert. The theater for the three concerts is located at an altitude of 2320 meters, Yeadalp. You can not only listen to your favorite artists live, but also have a great view!

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Mountaintop party during Spring Blanc in Ischgl

culinary events

Are you a true foodie? You are definitely in the right place in Spring Blanc. Various culinary events are organized throughout April and early May. And the perfect opportunity to discover the culinary expertise that Ischgl has to offer. Read on to find out what’s being organized and when.

Unlimited Kitchen

A fine culinary experience with the sound of regional musicians? This is possible on the Flimjoch River, which is located on the border of Austria and Switzerland. On Saturday 16 April, Austrian and Swiss chefs will work together to serve up a delicious dinner for all guests. Via the B2 Flimjochbahn lift, you arrive at the site where you can eat from 11.30 am to 3 pm. Best of all, all profits earned go to charity.

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mountain breakfast

A real bucket list item is the Mountain Breakfast Experience. Have breakfast at Pardorama Mountain Restaurant, with a wonderful panoramic view of the sunrise… Experience how the sun slowly rises over the Alps while eating a delicious breakfast. to To attend Mountain Breakfast, you need the first ride on the 3-S Pardatschgrat lift at 07:30. This means getting up early! Breakfast costs €58.00 per person and this does not include the ski pass you need to reach the summit.

Mountain breakfast during Spring Blanc in Ischgl
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sun downer

Sunsets can also be enjoyed in an amazing way. Among other things, with cocktails, DJ and sunbeds for relaxation. For this group, you will be heading to Bardashgart on April 22nd for Sundowner. Take the lift from 6:30 PM and enjoy an unforgettable evening in the mountains.

Have dinner around

The concept of dining will be familiar to many, taste a new dish in every restaurant you visit. You can also try this in Ischgl in collaboration with Laurent Perrier and several gourmet restaurants. The event begins on April 16 and will take place every day for a week from 12 noon. As you dine around you will pass by the following nine restaurants: Paznaunerstube & Heimatbühne, Koya, Schlossherrnstube & Weinstube, Stiar, Fliana Gourmet, Lucy Wang and Alpenhaus.

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