The favorites live up to their roles at the Emmy Awards, and Netflix wins Best Debut Drama with The Crown

The favorites live up to their roles at the Emmy Awards, and Netflix wins Best Debut Drama with The Crown

In Los Angeles, the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards were presented, the most important television awards. This time, all the nominees came from a batch of shows that aired between June 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021 in the United States. Netflix series the crown employment Ted Lasso Both came as favorites at first, and both series have fully completed their favorite role. That was great the crown He won first prize for the first time, even though they were already in their fourth season. As a result, Netflix also managed to win the first prize for the first time.

Top favorites do their part

signature opening melody Ted Lasso (+ AppleTV) As we learn about the voice of Marcus Mumford from Mumford & Sons, we can hear back several times over the course of the evening. It’s also the first time that Apple’s streaming service, AppleTV+, has won major awards, including Best Comedy Series.

And the first two awards of the evening have already gone to the series, which saw the nomination of a significant part of the cast. Of course, Jason Sudeikis for his starring role, Hannah Waddingham, who won an Emmy for the role of Rebecca, won Best Supporting Actress, while Brett Goldstein (Roy Kent is already legendary) won Best Supporting Actor.

Hannah Waddingham thanked fellow nominee Juno Temple (“There’s No Rebecca Without Kelly”) and swears an eminent favorite Brett Goldstein or two, even though he was specifically asked not to. Goldstein was already brought in as a writer, but he liked the role of Roy Kent so much that he decided to take it up.

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The other top candidate, the crown (Netflix), he also did well with seven awards in the major categories and eleven Emmys in total, in addition to taking home the top prize, best drama, for Netflix for the first time.

Gillian Anderson has been rewarded for her role as Margaret Thatcher, winning another Emmy for the first time since 1997. Tobias Menzies won the bust for his portrayal of Prince Philip, but it didn’t stop there: Olivia Colman also won for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II and Josh O’Connor for how Translate Prince Charles to the small screen. Striking: Emma Corinne, who did an excellent job as Princess Diana and may have been a pre-favourite, didn’t win, but she was nominated in the same category as Olivia Colman.

Writer Peter Morgan won for the first time, although he has already been nominated for a third time for his outstanding writing for the crown. Two episodes of that series were also nominated for the Director’s Award, for which the series also managed to take the award.

Recently deceased Michael K. Williams was nominated as Actor in Best Supporting Role for his role in love country (Streamz), but voting was already closed by the time he passed away. Perhaps we could have had a different result here.

Best mini-series “Queen’s Gambit”

The limited series has a lot HamiltonActors Nominated By Show Commentary For Disney +, But In The End It Was HBO Series After All Mary of Easttown (Streamz) Who went hiking with the most awards: Julian Nicholson and well-known american horror story-Face- plays in 100 episodes! Evan Peters won for their roles, as well as the Best Actress Award for Kate Winslet.

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He was the other big winner on HBO hacksComedy series from HBO Max is not available to us yet. The show focuses on the friendship between legendary comedian (Jean Smart) and a young woman (Hannah Einbender) who has to improve her material to appeal to younger audiences.

Jane Smart won an Emmy for her lead role. She created an emotional moment by honoring her husband, who passed away six months ago. Smart, now in her 70s, was given a warm welcome. She has been nominated for an Emmy Award ten times in her career. This was the fourth time she had won. hacks He’s also won awards in writing and directing, so let’s hope we can catch the show here soon.

Michaela Cole earned a lot of love from the public when she received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Limited Series for her series. may destroy you He was emotionally clear.

Maybe it was the surprise of the evening Queen’s gambit (Netflix). For a long time it seemed like this series would be content with a directing award for Scott Frank, even Queen’s gambit In the end it also won Best Miniseries. There too, this was the first time that Netflix was able to win this award.

Scott Frank’s clip – who won a director’s award – will stay with us especially because it simply ignored the music that announced the end of a speech with “Seriously, stop the music!” Then CBS gave the guy some time, and the music started again, but Frank stubbornly continued to read his prepared letter until the bitter end. Glorious moment of rebellion!

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