The e-bike looks like a moped and can go really fast, Fietsersbond wants to ban

The e-bike looks like a moped and can go really fast, Fietsersbond wants to ban

“In the ’60s and ’70s, many Puch riders climbed their bikes,” said Stumphurst. “That used to be taboo, but people took a chance. Now you can see the same thing evolving from regular bikes to electric bikes with all kinds of variants.”

Ministry: two sides

“This story has two sides,” says the Ministry of Infrastructure. “On the other hand, we believe that people should be allowed to ride a seized electric bike on their private property. On the other hand, easy boosting options lead to illegal use on public roads, worsening road safety. So it is good that the police are enforcing this.” .

The police see that there are more and more types of vehicles on the road that are not allowed. A company spokesperson says: “At the moment, we approach drivers and explain them the ‘rules of the game.’ Fines are also possible and the amount of fines varies depending on the type of vehicle or technical defect.

An alternative to a scooter?

The Super73 seems to be especially popular in Amsterdam as an alternative to motorbikes. Since April 2019 you have to wear a helmet on a moped there and you are no longer allowed to ride on bike lanes. With an upgraded bike, people still ride without a helmet ruining your haircut on bike paths across town. From July 2022, a helmet will be mandatory on a motorbike in the Netherlands.

Phatfour, a Dutch producer of e-bikes powered by scootersa look, not in favor of condensation. “We are on the eve of a fast-growing sector of sustainable transportation,” says founder Mills van Hollurff. “We should avoid starting a competition to see who can make the fastest e-bike. Accidents can happen and that comes at the cost of our success.”

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Height option removed

Until the end of last year, you could increase Dutch VanMoof e-bikes via the companion app from 25 to 32 kilometers per hour, the speed allowed for pedal assist in the United States. But after customers in Germany were fined for speeding, the company removed that option in the European Union.

There are also electric bikes that can legally go faster than 25, so-called accelerators. You should wear a helmet on it and move between cars in built-up areas rather than a bike path. You must also have a license plate.

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