The department demands tax compensation for blacklist victims | Interior

The department demands tax compensation for blacklist victims |  Interior

“It appears that quite a few lockers are still closed,” said Omtziget, a CDA MP, on Monday afternoon, when the House of Representatives discusses fraud detection and the use of a second citizenship by the Tax and Customs Administration. For a long time, corpses were dripping from those lockers in the IRS, for example in the form of using all kinds of blacklists. Or throwing information about it, which also includes people’s second citizenship.

“Is there a much bigger scandal behind the benefits case?” D66 Rep. Van Weyenberg asks. “Do we have a clear picture or will I hear again in a month that three systems are still open?”

Fraud Identification Facility (FSV)

The best known is the Fraudulent Signals Facility (FSV), which houses hundreds of thousands of citizens. An entry on the list, in violation of privacy laws, has been marked as a potential fraudster. “An extremely painful dossier”, Sombert SP MP Leijten, who was outraged by the fact that it was unclear how many people on that list had received the original “intent / gross negligence”, a very strict impostor character.

The FSV is by no means the only blacklist, much to the frustration of Omtzigt, who was previously told by the Cabinet that there are no other lists. “It looks like there are 211,” he said, frustrated on Monday. The CDA member and colleagues from VVD and PvdA, among others, fear more misery will emerge.

Omtzigt also believes it can’t take months for the government to inform people on the FSV list about this. Philpreve promises in the debate to make this matter more urgent.

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This is not the end of it for the foreign minister. Led by MP Snells, a large majority in Parliament is demanding compensation for people who were harmed because they were wrongly placed on such a blacklist. Philpreve had already stated earlier in the discussion that it could go this far: “Compensation can be part of that, but first we want to know what happened.” In the coming years, the government is already allocating billions of euros to parental compensation and canceling their debts.

Register a second nationality

The debate over discrimination by the tax authorities turns mainly into an uproar over a plan by Rep. De Young of the Freedom Party. Calls for the registration of the second nationality of persons. He says that it should not be used as a standard, but to be used only when too many frauds are being committed “within a particular group”.

Cause dissatisfaction in the room. “Does Mr. de Young want the tax authorities to discriminate again?” Member of Parliament asks Azerkan, think. According to D66 Member of Parliament Van Weyenberg, the core of the PVV plan is “unequal treatment, unfair treatment and discrimination”. PvdA’s Nijboer also speaks out about the distinction: “This is what Mr. De Jong stands for.” The PVV member whistles at him, “This is so dirty.”

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