The crisis of forming the regional government: the withdrawal of the parties | 1 Limburg

The crisis of forming the regional government: the withdrawal of the parties |  1 Limburg

Another impasse arose in the formation of a new regional government. The planned nine-party non-parliamentary coalition was abolished.

SVL notified the other parties on Monday evening that it will be leaving the formation process. On Wednesday, SP decided to do the same. He questions the stability of this new government, which is to be formed for the remainder of the House of Representatives until the March 2023 elections.

movement support
SVL said in a press release “after extensive internal deliberation” that it would still refrain from participating in formation discussions. Although a proposal to form a coalition outside parliament of nine parties was supported last Friday. But SVL said that position has now been reconsidered.

total imbalance
According to the party, the alliance of the nine factions does not do justice to the results of the March 2019 elections. “With the CDA disappearing and a left-wing party for the animals – with only two seats, too large in terms of material additions. It attracts those often at odds with our views – it feels uncomfortable. and incompatible,” says the SVL statement.

“Especially since seven parties did not put any additional requirements or desires on the table at all. A complete defect in our opinion,” he added.

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The problem of climate policy and nitrogen
SVL thought the earlier option as suggested by the guide Onno Hoes with CDA next to an “on-board” VVD was well balanced. In terms of content, SVL mainly had major issues with climate policy tightening and the nitrogen issue as expressed in last Friday’s proposal. It is now said that “they do not agree with the positions of the SVL faction”. It is therefore expected that these differences will become larger rather than smaller during the follow-up process.

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stable foundation
The Socialist Party states that it began considering its position after the SVL announced that it was withdrawing on Monday evening. “While we began those talks in a good spirit,” SPD leader Mark Van Caldenberg said in a statement. “But the resignation of the SVL means that the other parties with 24 seats have a slim majority with only one seat,” says the Socialist Party.

“On the basis of this, we had to conclude that in this way a firm basis for a new kidney was no longer provided, whereas this was a prerequisite for SP.”

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leftovers a lot
The SVL and SP each have four seats. The remaining seven parties do not have a majority in the Limburg Parliament with 20 seats out of 47. These seven parties are VVD, GroenLinks, D66, PvdA, Local Limburg, Party for the Animals and 50Plus.

How to proceed is not clear.

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