The crazy thing that opponents of vaccination have –

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People who do not believe in vaccinations and who are sensitive to all kinds of conspiracy theories are still going crazy. Scientists at Texas A&M University in the United States have discovered that they are very fond of celebrities.

They surveyed 320 Americans. They all asked about his likes and dislikes. Wonderful things arose out of this. First, the strong relationship between stars of the worlds of film, television and sports and distrust of vaccinations.

But it also showed that these people had less knowledge of things like the immune system.

The link was too strong. People whose admiration for the stars takes the form of an obsession were also fiercely against impregnating their children. Most of the time, these people cited the financial drive behind vaccination as a major concern. They believe that the big pharmaceutical companies give vaccinations primarily to make a lot of money, and not because they are necessary.

The study published in the journal Psychology, Health & Medicine does not explain why star hunters refuse vaccinations. This will be the subject of a follow-up study. Researchers believe that star fans get a lot of their health information online. Where rife with fake news.

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