The Chamber mistakenly describes the new benefits as “ unbelievable. ”

The Chamber mistakenly describes the new benefits as `` unbelievable. ''

This is because the Tax and Customs Administration gives benefits based on incorrect and incomplete information. “This costs the Dutch state and thus the taxpayer a lot of money,” says Helma Lauders of VVD.

But Ludders once again sees that citizens without any guilt on their part get into trouble and get stuck between various government organizations. “These mistakes seem to work in the people’s favor at first, but if they have to pay them off, of course they are in big trouble,” said Loders.

Capture the signals

Rinsky Legten of the Socialist Party cannot accept that the Tax and Customs Administration, which on one hand has taken stringent measures against fraud, as in the case of childcare allowance, is now automatically providing much. “Do not believe,” she calls it. Especially when the migrant workers themselves indicate that they receive a lot and that the tax authorities will not give a home.

“Once again, we see that the Tax and Customs Administration is not picking up the signals when something goes wrong,” says CDA’s Peter Umtzigt. “Not from the migrants who warn, not from our staff who warn. Not even as a result of internal reports.”

If the tax administration and customs don’t take these signals seriously, it will be a matter of waiting for the next scandal, Omtzigt says.

The parties are particularly surprised that the problem has been going on for a long time and are concerned that it has not yet been resolved since 2016. They want clarification on this from the Minister of State for Finance.

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