“The CDA will strive to fulfill Omtzigt’s mission”

"The CDA will strive to fulfill Omtzigt's mission"

The CDA really wants to start with the compensatory power and message of CDA Member of Parliament Peter Umtziget, says former Secretary of State and Campaign Strategist for Christian Democrats Jacques de Vries at WNL Op Saturday on NPO Radio 1.

It remains unclear if the CDA will rule a new government. Pieter Omtzigt is currently home with exhaustion and the party is talking about how to proceed. The party’s interim president Marnix Van Rij has been appointed to restore peace and this morning, for the first time in Trouw, he has made clear how he intends to do so.

“The interview with Marnex Van Rigg radiates optimism,” says de Vries. “Of course we’re happy about that. Optimism is also based on something, because he’s totally right when he said there’s a lot of room for a CDA story. Especially at this time, when people prefer contacts rather than polarization. He points out that he’s optimistic because he sees so much young talent in the party.” I can see that too. “

His message remains

De Vries is confident Omtzigt’s message will be heard during formation. “I hope Peter recovers quickly and that the months it can take will benefit his health. His message remains. What Marnix Van Rigg also clearly indicates in the interview, will be the starting point for negotiations on the CDA that something of this will really materialize in the alliance agreement.”

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Written by: Tom Janssen

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