The cabinet is “more positive” about opening the stands and lifting the curfew on April 28th

The cabinet is "more positive" about opening the stands and lifting the curfew on April 28th

The Cabinet became more positive about the possibility of the terraces opening and the disappearance of the curfew on Wednesday 28 April. Coronavirus is progressing more positively than expected in recent days. The government will wait for the numbers for the next two days and make a decision on Tuesday.

According to insiders, this is the most significant finding of Catshuis consulting between a cabinet part and OMT. It is very likely that next Tuesday there will be a new press conference for Prime Minister Rutte and Minister of Public Health De Jong. It will then also become apparent whether the retail trade can be opened under certain conditions and whether the advice is to have a maximum of two visitors per day instead of one.

In recent days, Prime Minister Rota has been grim about the chance that the first phase of the easing announced last week will start on April 28, the date mentioned in the inaugural plan published on Tuesday. The prime minister also said it could last until the second half of May.

According to the opening plan, the first step is to end the curfew, allow outdoor cafes and retailers to open their doors under certain conditions and allow two visitors instead of one to return home. The condition is that the number of injuries and hospitalizations has reached its peak.

Another measure in the first step is to allow physical higher education for higher professional education and university education one day per week. This will take effect from April 26 and is no longer under discussion.

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Today it became clear that hospital occupancy had remained more or less the same for two weeks.

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