The bride is spread widely after she was caught in a video clip in a brawl in a wedding dress

The bride is spread widely after she was caught in a video clip in a brawl in a wedding dress

A wedding turns into a massacre, with the filming of a bride brawling over her dress, claiming she was trying to prevent strangers from spoiling her special day.

In a fast-spreading video uploaded to Reddit over the weekend, Zoe Dalmore, 31, can be seen grappling with a man on Rugby Park grounds outside her reception venue in South Wales, UK.

The clip was captioned “Nothing like a good old punch to end your wedding day”.

It starts with a woman lying face down on the sidewalk before the camera turns to the bride as she tries to prevent the man from getting up as a female voice can be heard screaming, “Can someone call the police?”

Then another man intervenes, takes the reins from the bride, and begins purring with the stranger.

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Three more walk before the man gets up, leaving the seemingly unresponsive stranger on the ground.

Then the group containing the bride went out while a man in a red jacket remained to assess the condition of the stranger who had left him lying on the ground.

Ms. Dallmore said that not everything is as it appears in the footage and that she “felt ashamed” when she learned that the video had spread in an interview with the sun.

They lived only 10 minutes away from the place, and the couple decided to go home after receiving them and stumbled across a group of people quarreling.

She said she and her new husband David, 31, tried to disperse the feud that erupted outside the front desk at around 10:30 p.m.

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The concerned people, including the man who filmed the footage, were inside the “private” bar area where her reception was taking place but were not with her wedding.

She told the newspaper, “I still don’t know who they are or what they were fighting about, but I didn’t want anything to spoil our great day, so I walked over and told them to calm down,” adding that they were not invited.

“They shouldn’t have been there and ruined the biggest day of my life.”

While the video shows that she is wrestling with someone on the ground, Mrs. Dalmore said she was not punched or punched.

“One of our girlfriends fell to the ground because she was drinking a little and the velcro strap got caught on her shoes, but she wasn’t fighting either.”

Mrs. Dalimore said she was so upset with the video that she and David cut out their honeymoon over the weekend.

She said she tried to highlight the situation, jokingly, “Just call me ‘Bridezilla’.”

My friends were so kind. They called me and said they know I’m not a problematic and I’m trying to laugh at them by saying, ‘Just call me Bridezilla from now on.’

Deep down, however, the bride said she was “shattered”.

The Penlan RFC has since moved to Facebook stating that the police have been called in and “people have been removed and the injured have drawn attention.”

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A club statement said: “We are aware of a video clip that was circulated last night in the club, after the end of a wedding there was a quarrel outside the club.”

“It was a special occasion and no one affiliated with the club participated in it.

“This behavior can cause life-changing injuries. We are fortunate to have such good organs that helped clean up today.”

The statement concluded by saying that the club hoped “everyone who attended is safe because behavior / fighting is totally unacceptable and dangerous.”

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