A Belgian model (28) faces 7 years in prison after a photo shoot in Turkey abroad

A Belgian model (28) faces 7 years in prison after a photo shoot in Turkey  abroad

A Belgian model faces up to 7 years in prison in Turkey. This is clear from the indictment that was filed with the court. In 2018, 28-year-old Marisa Papen photographed herself naked in the Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul and appeared nude on the Turkish flag. They say “a humiliation of state sovereignty.”

Hans Renee

It was clear for some time that Turkey could not laugh at this trick. In March, the Public Prosecutor’s Office issued an arrest warrant against Babin. The indictment, which the criminal court accepted according to several Turkish media outlets, shows that a prison sentence is required between two and seven years.

the previous play boyThe model is accused of insulting signs of state sovereignty and “ obscenity ”.


The photos were taken in just a few seconds in 2018. Together with photographer Jesse Walker, the model bought a burqa nearby and entered the mosque. She told the newspaper at the time: “Once we entered, we were astonished by the large number of security cameras.” latest news.

The two saw their chance when a group passed by and everyone listened to the evidence. “Then it was time to play.” Marisa lifted the burqa, and Jesse snapped photos for five seconds. Then they fled and were able to leave the museum without any problems. Unfortunately, the photos turned out to be unsuccessful so they had to come back again. However, this went without problems.

Armed men

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Then the two continued their journey through Turkey, but that went less smoothly. “At one location, we tried to take pictures for three days, but the security services were following us the whole time,” the model said. We saw gunmen everywhere. So we left without taking pictures. “

According to Papen, the controversial photos are “a cry for change.” She wants to encourage everyone to think for themselves, and to hate politics and religion. “When I leave myself naked in places that are perceived as” sacred “, she said,” I consciously want to press a button on people. “

Not some trick

The photos in Turkey are by no means her only trick. She was also criticized when she appeared naked at the Western Wall in Jerusalem in 2018, and ended up in prison in Egypt for a night after taking a photo at the Karnak Temple.

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© Jesse Walker / Enky Glasses

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