The ‘Breaking Bad’ actor was broken before starting that series

The 'Breaking Bad' actor was broken before starting that series

Looks like Bob Odenkirk had a rough time before he became a star actor.

The best of Saul on demandActor Bob Odenkirk revealed in a new interview that he was broke before he was cast Too bad† In that series, he had a career-defining role as Saul Goodman from season two.

Then Odenkirk was also seen in The best of Saul on demandUnfortunately, we are still seeing the sixth season this year. The first part will be shown on AMC and Netflix in April.

completely broken
Before he signed on to the oddball position, Odenkirk was a stand-up comedy icon in the United States and worked, among other things, Saturday Night Live† He hoped, among other things, to land a major role in the deskbut saw the role of Michael Scott pass.

It wasn’t until 2009 that he really broke through, which is when he signed for the role of Saul Goodman. This corrupt lawyer is still playing.

And that was nice, because the actor revealed on The Howard Stern that he went bankrupt before he was offered the now iconic role. He ended up, as he put it himself, in ‘financial hole’ Where he had to climb to make ends meet.

Better Call Saul is available on Netflix.

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