The best boss battle of 2020 changed video games for me forever

The best boss battle of 2020 changed video games for me forever

The Last of Us II Not a “boss fight” video game.

The original flagship of 2013 offered an animated narrative, tough battles, and some solutions to light platform issues. The one thing it didn’t highlight was an unforgettable boss fight. There is no cart at the end TLOUJust more grief.

In 2020, developer Naughty Dog finally introduced a sequel with The Last of Us Part 2, Offering everything fans loved in the original version plus one unexpected addition: a very memorable boss known to players as Rat King. In the process, Naughty Dog changed my perception of the entire series – and it probably ruined video games for me in the process.

A year in gaming he is inverse Celebrating the best new video games of 2020 and unforgettable gaming moments.

Early Concept Art of the Rat King.Shady Al Safadi / Naughty Dog

If you skip The Last of Us Part 2 Or wipe that terrifying boss battle out of your head, here’s a quick summary: The Rat King appears near the end of the game’s second main section. You play as Abby, the main opponent who soon turns out to be as complex and well-intentioned as everyone else in We delay Universe. Abe searches for some medicine needed to save her injured friend, leading her to a hospital known as “Ground Zero” for a zombie outbreak in Seattle, and there she meets the Rat King.

Up to this point, the “casualty” is in The Last of Us II It comes in a few varieties. There are your normal zombies, powerful but blind “Clickers”, and lumbering “Bloaters” that explode when they die. But the Rat King is something else. Like the urban legend that gave this beast its name, the Rat King is actually several wounded humans fused together in something massive, terrifying, furious …

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Obedient dog

The Rat King really sucks. It’s really hard to kill. Unlike the other key moments in the game where your best strategy is to run or hide, the only way to beat the boss is to face him head-on. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

I’m sure a lot of hard-core players have overtaken the rat king. I am not one of them. The battle takes place in a large darkroom and several small hallways, giving you some cover as you relax with necessary weapons and supplies. However, the tricky part is keeping a distance between you and the Rat King while never losing sight of the thing – easier said than done in a very black room.

So I dismissed the difficulty and read the evidence. Nothing helped. Then I did something never before heard of it upped the brightness. Suddenly, the dark and shaded Rat King’s Nest was as well lit as a dentist’s office – and it wasn’t nearly as intimidating.

Obedient dog

I did a short job for the Rat King after that, but when I got back to it The Last of Us IISettings menu to fix brightness, I hesitated. Why would I go back to spooky darkness while I can waltz through a well-lit dystopia?

I played the rest of the game in full brightness, and I will never return. The next time a video game (scary or otherwise) asked me to adjust its brightness, I ignored it. Why are you making things difficult or scary? Life is too short to scramble in the digital dark.

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A year in gaming he is inverse Celebrating the best new video games of 2020 and unforgettable gaming moments.

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