The best additions to the show

The best additions to the show

plan B

When it comes to movies or series, Disney+ has you covered. Every now and then the provider comes along with a new batch full of gems, which we obviously don’t want to withhold from you. That’s why: Disney+’s latest offering, so there’s always something to indulge in.

These are the editors’ favorite movies and series on Disney +>

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St. Hildegard’s Legs

A perfect comedy movie that you can watch with your parents or the whole family. In this light-hearted film, we see how Jan has been married to Gerda for 35 years, but would rather escape from his partner – who was quite curious -. His daughter Liesbeth has the same concerns as her father, so they took a closer look at their partner. One of the best new movies on Disney Plus.

Stems of Saint Hildegard, from August 5



Hello Scandinavian thriller! The Norwegian crime series TWIN revolves around twins who are separated from each other. One is a broken surfer and the other is a successful businessman. When they meet again after fifteen years, the argument gets wildly out of control. Excitement – and beautiful Norwegian landscapes – guaranteed.

TWIN, starting August 3


plan B

When my teens go through their first—but somewhat disappointing—sexual experience, they have 24 hours to get their morning-after pill in the States. In this surprisingly intense comedy, we see her best friend Lueb come to the rescue, and the American health care system puts nonsense between the lines. A beautiful movie about coming of age for those who feel like laughing.

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Plan B, from July 29


wild crime

This penetrating documentary blends elements of true crime with a film about nature. wild crime It tells the story of one of the most common murders ever committed in a national park, keeping you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Expect to get every aspect of the enclosure—including plenty of twists and turns—and an exciting glimpse into the life of a Rocky Mountain ranger.

Wild Crime, from July 20


years of wonder

years of wonder It tells the story of the Williams family in the late 1960s, specifically through the eyes of a 12-year-old Dean. It’s a “remake” of the nostalgic series from 1988, and it has nothing to do with the original. The warm series is funny, but in the meantime it touches on serious enough topics, like racism and identity.

Years of Wonder, from July 13

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