The BCMP reminds Tesla owners not to push limits with the automation feature

The BCMP reminds Tesla owners not to push limits with the automation feature

SURREY (News 1130) – Militants in British Columbia remind Tesla owners not to test the autonomous advantage on our roads.

On Thursday, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said it charged a British Columbia man with dangerous driving after an officer stopped a speeding Tesla car on a highway in central Alberta that appeared to be driving himself in July.

According to the RCMP, the car appeared to be traveling at over 140 km / h and the front seats were completely watered and it appeared that two people in the car were sleeping.

Corporal. If you’re thinking of doing the same and testing the autopilot system in a Tesla, please think again, says Mike Halskopf of BC RCMP Traffic Services.

“I don’t think anyone should rely 100 percent on any automated systems equipped with some vehicles. They are not foolproof. That is why steering wheels are still in vehicles, even those with robotic systems because there needs to be the human element.” , He says.

In the Tesla case in Alberta, a 20-year-old was accused of fast and dangerous driving and had a court appointment in October.

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While every traffic station is different, Halskoff says there are penalties under our motor law that you may face in British Columbia

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“If someone is testing their automated systems and breaking free from the motor vehicle law … [by] Excessive speed or whatever the case, these tickets will definitely apply. “

In some cases, the punishment may be worse, with criminal charges likely depending on the severity of the scenario.

For Tesla owners who are considering testing the feature, Halskov adds, “You are putting yourself, your passengers, and the general public in harm’s way by doing this, and the result could be tragic for you and other people, and obviously we don’t. I don’t want that to happen.”

“So don’t rely 100 percent on automated systems in your car if you have them. The driver’s input is needed and the driver needs to pay attention to what is happening, put their hands on the steering wheel and provide some input where it might be needed.”

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