‘The Bachelorette’ is Back: First Pictures of Elk Clijsters Looking for a Man

The Bachelorette

Come back soon And bachelorette back. This time it’s Elke Clijsters’ turn to find a suitable friend. In the first joke, we actually see quite a few men who will seize their chance.

Of course, the name change also includes some “new” programs. For example, an old acquaintance will be returning to Play4 soon. And bachelorette) It was a successful format in the US for years, but it has disappeared from our screens for several years now. But now she is back with a famous bachelorette.

Elk Clijsters

Elk Clijsters is 36 years old and was a tennis player, just like her sister Kim, until 2004. But an injury to her back forced her to quit her career 17 years ago.

Until 2016, Elke Clijsters formed a couple with soccer player Jelle Van Damme. She also has a 10-year-old daughter with him. Then, Elke had a brief affair with Johan Gerets, son of ex-footballer Eric Gerets, in 2017. But since then she has been celibate again, or as we’ll hear a lot soon: bachelorette.

And bachelorette

at And bachelorette Several men will compete for Elke Clijsters’ heart. The exact launch date has not yet been set, but Play4 announces that the new season will be “soon”.

We actually get our first teaser, as it turns out Elke isn’t a cruel bachelor at all. For example, a small check is already being done for “poepekes”. The new season of The Bachelorette will be presented by Dominic Van Malder.

And bachelorette It will soon be available on Play4 and goplay.be.

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