The Bachelor: James Ware summarizes episode 7

The Bachelor: James Ware summarizes episode 7

An angry bachelor’s fugitive explodes into a foul spree after a mass execution Wednesday night as Usher rings the alarm and shuts down the entire chain – delaying the search for love and impeding everyone’s chances of bending over like a pretzel.

It opens on Wednesday evening and we are still at the rose party last week. Some random girls are turned away and pushed into a Toyota Camry when Usher returns. His face is pale and he refuses to speak loudly. This is no different than any other rose party, but we can see something not right.

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It tells everyone about a mutated virus that is destroying the world and threatening to destroy all of humanity. The camera is cut off for girls. They are not in shock, but we can see their brains spin as they try to make sure if this is going to affect them in any way negatively.

Only when Usher reveals that Queensland has shut down her borders does this blonde girl turn her cover over as she realizes she cannot return to Surfers Paradise.

After everyone is freaked out, Usher pisses and falls Loki onto the black and white Lino floor. He catches his legs and rocks back and forth.

When facing a global pandemic, it is important to provide yourself with information from trusted medical experts. And therefore BSC Producers send psyche.

The psychiatrist starts out with all the usual equipment. “I feel like someone was born here sometime between 1990 and 2000,” she whispered, holding her palms over a cluster of crystals scattered on the ground. “Does red mean anything to anyone?” Waving her shawl. “A name came into my head. It starts with a B … or M … or maybe J … and has at least one vowel,” she rubs her temples with her fingers.

It takes a wild turn when she accidentally tells Bella that her grandfather is dead. Producers foam over her and make her call home in front of the camera for the news. All is well with her grandfather and spirituality breathing a sigh of relief as she lights a bundle of white sage. So far, we already write it off but then she goes and expects it to astonish our minds.

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Roxy sat down, and within three seconds, the psychologist was surprised: “You work hard.”

No more honest words are spoken on this show.

But Loki likes to work hard. He takes Roxi on a private date and they go and break all the social distancing rules Usher has literally informed everyone about.

“Your kisses are so innocent,” he sighs as Loki slips his brow. “Arm me. Bend me like a biscuit.”

Then she looked straight at the camera realizing her family had just heard this.

Finally, she joined the elite club for girls who kissed Loki. She is cheerful. Nothing can kill her noise. As she arrives at the cocktail party, she announces that the night will not be like everyone else. There will be no tantrums, like the one she has thrown at every cocktail party for the past three consecutive weeks. It will not break out in tears.

She insists, “I will not fall into any nonsense.”

Exactly three seconds later, words begin to spread about Bella just kissing Loki in the shadows of the backyard. Roxy’s wounds are sick.

“Bella, did you just get in with Loki at a cocktail party?” She asks.

Bella does not deny it. After all, we get it on the video.

For the fourth week in a row, Roxy collapses and leaves.

“It’s very disrespectful,” she cries. “Bella just went and kissed him at the cocktail party. This is f ** ked up, man. That’s so rude. It was supposed to be a good night. Just let me have my moment, just once!”

We can always count on Laura to be a beacon of light and positivity during these most emotional moments. Does she have any words of wisdom for roxanne?

“This is what you signed up for. You have a rose, shut up,” she says.

Laura, you are a wise lady. You constantly spend moments of clarity.

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Roxy continues to break down.

“I can’t do it again, man, I’ve been through so many King’s times. Well done Bella. Well done,” she screams.

Loki hears the commotion, grabbing her by the arm.

“Why would you go and do that?” She spits on him and shakes it.

He honestly can’t put together what you are upset with.

She said, “I am insulted.” “I went and kissed Bella within five minutes of being f ** king here. You can’t give me a little longer to enjoy my little moment. I just feel like everyone wants to rain in my parade all the time.”

Loki wishes his ship crashed on that Survivor Island again.

“You know me, I just do whatever I can think of – when I feel good, when I feel good,” he said.

We can all relate to this. I’ve personally said similar things after driving to McDonald’s to have a sundae at 1 am when I should have gone to bed.

But Roxi wouldn’t have it. She really thinks she is the star of this show and the rest of the girls are just the maids and catering staff.

“Tonight was supposed to be my night. I wanted to live through my happy little moment and it just keeps taking me.”

Loki only says what he needs in order to escape. He runs to the photographer in the front lawn where he spits all the things he can’t say in her face.

“Roxy, yeah I should have been more respectful to you. But there are 15 girls here that I have relationships with someone else,” he bouts of frustration.

He pauses and stares at the night sky as the words of this charming psychologist echo in his head: “She works hard.”

At the rose party, he should really cut it but he doesn’t, of course. He must get rid of five women tonight and it will be a mass execution.

Everyone is anxious except for Laura.

“I look cute. I’m not so nervous,” she shrugged.

But the cute is not enough and she has been turned away with Ariba and the chick who loves her eyebrows. Two other girls have been expelled, but we do not know their names and we cannot say we have seen them before.

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Positivity evaporates from Laura’s soul. Sure, Loki didn’t even ask her once on a date. And no, Loki didn’t have a single conversation with her. Well, he might not even have known it existed. But Laura was sure she was going to end in the end and this dismissal was a rude shock. She was left torn on the driveway in a foul-mouthed explosion.

“Is he serious? He could have had a wife a cup of kinship, but no,” he smoked! F ** The king is angry. “

I immediately pushed into a waiting car. Seconds later, Ariba followed. Of course, she deals with rejection elegantly.

“This is definitely the first time a man has rejected me,” she conceals with a smile at her anger. “I don’t care because he clearly loves basic girls. That’s not me. I’m not essential.”

Suddenly the camera shifts by hand and the production crew moves into filming as the girls are taken out of the room and back to the palace. Usher steps into Loki Road on the gravel path.

“We have to stop production,” he says.

He looks at the camera crew and tries to improve the situation until a single tear falls off.

“I’ve worked with these guys for eight years. We love this show more than nothing on earth. We have to help people find love,” gushing and he had to practice this to say it with a straight face. “You have to say goodbye to all of them tonight.”

Loki plays along the way, but honestly, he’s probably more concerned about the future of Bali’s adventure sports business.

He sighs, “It hurts.”

The girls were not even given a moment to collect their belongings before being driven into waiting cars that set off in the dark.

Nobody is more disappointed than Roxy. But the silver lining? Loki won’t bend anyone like a pretzel biscuit.

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