The autistic community slams in Sia’s first directorial song

The autistic community slams in Sia's first directorial song

Two months ago, the directing music of singers Sia came under fire. Dancer Maddy Ziegler plays the lead role of an autistic girl named Musician. However, Ziegler does not suffer from autism in real life, so some find it impossible for her to take on the main role.

At the time, Sia stopped saying that she tried to make the movie with a main actress with autism, but this was an unpleasant and stressful experience for everyone, because the role was so demanding. So there are many challenging and elaborate dance scenes. However, there is now heavy criticism again.

Autism community
Many members of the autism community are now very angry with the music. The film has been available on video demand in the United States since February 12th, but not everyone is a fan.

For example, autism critic Matthew Rosa says:Music is the movie equivalent of someone who’s supposed to be your friend, care about you for a hundred minutes, and say you’re cute“.

I feel the movie worries about autistic people but doesn’t listen to us. The result is one of the most gruesome movies I have ever seen. I often sat staring at the screen with my mouth open“.

More criticism
However, it didn’t stop there. Self-critic Joseph Stanichar is also not a particularly fanatic when music gets coerced multiple times in the movie during tantrums. He writes that these scenes evoked painful memories from his childhood:I cried and not in a good way“.

Writer and activist Morenike Giwa Onaiwu also dislikes the movie:Some believe that any form of acting is better than none. As a woman and a member of the black, gay, and lesbian community, I have heard this many times. However, I would rather be unrepresented than represented in a way that reinforces stigma“.

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Finally, mainly The Autisticats via Twitter in a series of messages for the movie. For example, it says:Maddy Ziegler’s acting performance is a cartoon of autistic body language. It’s disturbing, insincere, and reminds us of the exaggerated facial expression of non-autistic people who want to bully autism and people with disabilities because of the way we move.“.

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