The 80s in Eight Iconic Movies – VPRO Cinema

The 80s in Eight Iconic Movies - VPRO Cinema

In one of the many unforgettable scenes of Steven Spielberg’s huge success Which. T. extra floor (1982) Young Elliot lures the friendly space creature ET into his room with chocolate candy. The text stated that the candy was M&Ms, but the manufacturer Mars Incorporated thanked for the honor, after which the candy makers had to look for another chocolate candy. These became Reese’s pieces, which saw sales triple after the movie.

The fact that companies want to pay to show their products in movies has happened before, but then ET I have already started. It also got the name: product mode

If you look through that lens at 80’s movies, you’re in breakfast club (1985), for example, against a lot of Coca-Cola, while rival Pepsi’s cola has a prominent place in the Back to the futurefilms.

product mode It should work, because then it only increased. Heineken reportedly paid $45 million to put James Bond in it sky fall (2012) to induce his favorite glass of vodka martini (‘vibrate, do not flip‘) and go to the green bottle.

Annoying, all those imposed brands, but as a viewer you can also take advantage of them. For example, Apple requires that only positive characters be allowed to use their iPhone. So if you see someone with a cell phone of an unknown brand, you already know who the villain is.
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