Thanks the boycotting “Lucifer” makers for their support

Thanks the boycotting "Lucifer" makers for their support

Lucifer creators are thrilled with the unintended support they got throughout 2015.

Neil Gaiman is happy that conservative groups in the United States boycotted the Lucifer streak in 2015. He says it was ‘Magic guarantee’ To the success of the series.

The hit series is based on comedy The Sandman – Lucifer From Jayman. In it we follow the main character who turns a vacation on earth into a permanent residence. His brother Amendil is not happy with that, because God sent him to send his brother to Hell.

big success
Although the series was canceled by FOX after three seasons, Netflix has continued the series and will end with its sixth season.

Because of her hypothesis, The devil Quite a few relationships with religion. When the series was announced in 2015, a group called One Million Moms was widely criticized. They started a petition to cancel the series and collected 11,000 signatures.

According to Gaiman, this was the biggest success and so the series could be released immediately:

Then actor Tom Ellis made another contribution:

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