Tesla’s new Cybertruck design will be ‘better’, but expect only ‘minor tweaks’

Tesla's new Cybertruck design will be 'better', but expect only 'minor tweaks'

Elon Musk noted that Tesla is making “slight adjustments” to Cybertruck’s new design to make it “better” in a recent tweet. Musk may have tweeted about “minor modifications” Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen and his team on the Cybertruck design earlier this year.

Musk recently responded to a query for an electric car enthusiast Embed a Tweet, Who asked why there should be a change in Cybertruck at all. Tesla CEO explained that “even the small details matter.” In another recent tweet, Musk said that Tesla could post pictures of the duplicate e-truck with its changes within “a month or so”.

During a TSLA Q3 earnings call, Musk also explained why improvements to the Cybertruck design were needed. “Overall, at Tesla, we really aim to make the car that is delivered better than the one that was unveiled. Because that always drives me crazy, the car companies are going to reveal these cool looking cars, like, awesome, you can’t wait until they build That, “he said.

Then the actual car[ly] It made it so much worse, and – but it’s just – it’s really disappointing? So man, we always want to make the car we offer better than the one we reveal. This is the goal of Cybertruck. So there are a lot of small improvements compared to what was revealed. I think it will be better than what we showed. “

Last April, Musk hinted that Tesla was considering shrinking the e-truck by about 3%. Ultimately, the Musk and Tesla design team decided not to minimize it. There are various opinions about downsizing of Cybertruck among the Tesla community. Some love its colossal size and arduous stance. Others preferred a slightly smaller Cybertruck, at least one that would fit their garages.

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Musk and Tesla seem to have decided to release the Cybertruck in the original size that has been revealed at the moment. Musk hinted that Tesla may release a smaller version of the EV pickup in the future. The Cybertruck release may depend heavily on the success of the first Tesla Pickup EV.

Besides its size, Musk previously indicated that the Cybertruck centerline would be flatter and the window sill height would be lowered in its production version. The all-electric vehicle manufacturer has also been increasing the dynamic air suspension travel of the EV pickup truck for a better off-road driving experience. Musk has talked about suspension improvements so the Cybertruck is “kicking a butt” in the Baja, too.

The Tesla community suggested some changes to the Cybertruck that might have made the final design of the EV Pickup. For example, a file Tesla Trucks Club The group suggested that Tesla consider launching a feature that would allow drivers to roll down the rear window that separates Cybertruck’s cabin from its bed. He said such a function would make an EV pickup Perfect for camping, Especially when Tonneau is closed, or to carry taller things. Musk responded that the proposal “deserves to be studied.”

Based on Musk’s tweets and data about Cybertruck during the recent earnings call, there are likely to be more changes to the EV pickup truck design than the ones mentioned earlier. Although it might be safe to say that the Cybertruck’s unique origami-like exterior will remain the same.

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