Tesla accelerator stuck at 133 kph | car

Tesla accelerator stuck at 133 kph |  car

A Tesla Model 3 driver in Southern California says he was shocked when his car computer crashed while he was driving 88 miles per hour. As a result, the “accelerator” stopped.

Electric cars run on electricity, so it’s really all about the power pedal. There may have been a technical malfunction, according to Tesla owner, Javier Rodriguez. An ABC7 anchor in Los Angeles told how his car had completely broken down. According to the owner, the car’s buttons and switches have become unresponsive, including the turn signals and hazard lights.

I didn’t dare to brake hard

But the most annoying thing for Rodriguez was that the accelerator pedal stopped, too. “At first I noticed that it was getting warm in the car and there was a strange smell,” Rodriguez told the news channel. “When I noticed that the throttle was also stuck, I didn’t dare to brake hard because I was afraid someone would hit their back.” Rodriguez scored the stop and eventually stopped his car, after which it stopped completely. When I restarted the car, the error seemed to be resolved.

No explanation

Rodriguez took his car to Tesla, where the puzzling diagnosis came: “The connection to the charging port cover was poor, causing the power transmission system to shut down to protect the onboard components while riding.” According to Tesla, they fixed the car, but this is not enough for the Tesla driver: I am driving on the highway and this happens at a speed of more than 130 kilometers per hour. “I am entitled to a real statement,” he said. Tesla could not be reached for comment.

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