Temptation Island: Will we see Nico Water again soon in Ex on the Beach? “If they call me…”

Temptation Island Love or Leave Wouter Nico

It looks like very few (if any) contestants will see the current season of Temptation Island: Love or Leave He will leave in a relationship. This of course means that a lot of exes have been formed, which is the perfect opportunity for a few candidates to participate in the next season of Beach example: Double Dutch? It seems Wouter and Nico don’t say “no” beforehand.

The penultimate episode of Temptation Island: Love or Leave He had some surprises in store. Viewers’ biggest shock came when we learned that Wouter and Julia were not back together after three months of the show. Wouter had surprised his sweetheart at the last fire with a bouquet of roses and it seemed that all doubts about their relationship had disappeared. After that, things still go wrong between the two, so Wouter is one again.

He shares a relationship situation with his former roommate Niko. No one should be surprised that his relationship with Donna was beyond repair. But also with Laure (or with Presley) it became na temptation island Nothing serious.

Last Sunday, Niko and Wouter were guests together on YouTubetalkshow Thirst day temptation From Ramage TV. There they looked back frankly on their participation in the program.

Beach example: Double Dutch

The half-hour conversation ended with a surprising but no less exciting question from presenter Furinot Sauri. New season Ex on the beach? Niko asked, referring to his participation in this program 3.5 years ago.

“Are we going together? Just give up then,” Wouter immediately replied briefly to the suggestion. “I don’t know if I’m really going to participate. temptation island It also started out as a joke, so if they call, who knows…”Nico finally added ‘It depends.’ So it seems clear that both of them weren’t impressed by the call. Beach example: Double Dutch. I wonder if we’ll see them pass there soon.

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Nico Water looks back temptation island

This is how Nico imagined himself in 2018 Beach example: Double Dutch

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