Taimounti on the departure of your religion: “parties change, but not me”

Taimounti on the departure of your religion: "parties change, but not me"

Murat Timonti says his views will not change now that he has left your religion. It was announced this morning that he will switch to NIDA, which is giving the party a seat on Amsterdam City Council for the first time.

Timonte believes that the National Assembly does not listen well to members. “So it’s very hard to stay with a party that you don’t support one hundred percent or you can’t stick to one hundred percent, that’s not a jump between parties. The parties change, but I just don’t change. And I just want to join a party. Sit where I can be myself and give.” One hundred percent. “

Three seats

He entered the city council in 2018, after Dink secured three seats in the municipal elections. In recent years, he has argued against the introduction of paid parking in New West and the municipality’s apology for slavery’s past. At the end of 2019, councilor Ayseegül Kılıç attacked him, describing him as misogynist and intimidating in a letter, even though they remained in the party.

However, according to him, this conflict was not a reason to leave. “No, absolutely no, no. This is a thing of the past. Those were moments when things did not go well. We are different people. Conflicts can arise. I have worked very positively with colleague Aisegol Kilic in recent months.”

“I had a wonderful collection in Amsterdam, I’m very proud of it”

Murad Altimonti, the former head of the group, thought

He wants to confirm that he still has a lot of appreciation for your religion’s party and the volunteers who post flyers on the street, for example. “I had a wonderful group in Amsterdam, and I’m proud of that.”

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Timeonte It is because of your– Leave conditions since February, Numan Yilmaz took on his role as the chair of the DENK Group. He continues to do so and tells AT5 that he understands Taimounti’s decision. He also says that he will soon be working with him. Timeonte He will return to City Council at the beginning of June, but then as NIDA Group President.

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