T.I. responds to Busta Rhymes’ offer to meet in the battle of “Versus”

T.I. responds to Busta Rhymes' offer to meet in the battle of "Versus"

T.I. wants to participate in the next season of VerzoseNot just against Busta Rhymes.

After Busta challenged T.I. to enter the ring with him for the next season of successful music competition, T.I. respectfully rejected T.I. Area? Busta is very old. Well, that’s not exactly how he put it. But he made it clear that the gap between Busta’s generation and his generation was too wide for competition to make sense, comparing it to appearing in the current Bob Warner soccer game as an adult.

“Busta is one of the most formidable talents of our time, man,” he said. “I salute Busta and respect her very much. I just think the generational gap might be so big.”

T.I.’s response was moderated slightly more than the Busta challenge. In a conversation with Fat Joe, Busta said he will “go bankrupt [T.I.’s] Donkey “in prof Verzose Fight but “do it with grace.” T.I. has considered the option to go up against Jeezy and 50 Cent, but seems to be out of any potential battle with Busta. Maybe for the better, as T.I. has arguably lost little of his understanding of what makes a good T.I. song. He recently defended the weird Kanye West duet from 2018 as “a perfect record.”

Shortly after T.I. comments, Jeezy shared his video on Instagram saying he was ready to go out for a Verzuz fight. Although Gezi did not mention specific names, Tepp questioned if the post was referring to him.

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