T.I. responds to backlash to accept Umi’s apology on behalf of victims


Kilan Colbert and her husband William Johnson, the couple involved in the accident at an Atlanta sushi restaurant, are calling on the rapper not to communicate with them before taking action on his own.

Ice Showbiz – After the news about a black couple, Kaylan Colbert and her husband William Johnson, who were singled out at Umi Sushi, a popular sushi restaurant in Atlanta, hit the web, TI He was quick to respond. Go to his Instagram account to invite to boycott the restaurant.

On Thursday, October 29th, he posted an image with the words, “I see we will have to shut down umi sushi the way we did in Houston !!!” The rapper added in the caption: “I have heard of some grievances that demand our immediate attention. We come … # YouViolateWeDemonstrate.”

Tip has also shared some videos of him meeting people at the restaurant. In one of his posts, he wrote: “UMI update. Our culture is controlling this city !! It will be respectable !! At any cost … by any means !! & this is on me !!”

While T.I.’s intention is good, his move was not appreciated by the spouses involved in the accident, indicating that T.I. did not reach out to them before taking action on his part. “Advice, you never contacted us and spoke on our behalf,” said Johnson, who was fired from the restaurant for wearing sneakers while another guest was allowed to do the same. “You didn’t touch on the issue. He never apologized for your video. All he talked about was his connections and what he could do for his work. It wasn’t about what’s going on with us, how I feel, how he feels threatened, how people from our community treat him.” .

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T.I. caught the message, which led him to post another video in which he replies to the man. “First of all, I don’t even eat sushi. I don’t know you people. My only goal was and still is to speak on behalf of people and represent the group accordingly … that’s it.” He continued, explaining that everyone had contacted him about the matter, and that’s how he found out.

He also said that he didn’t get paid for all of these things, adding that his team freed the couple but there was no answer. Tiny husband (Tamika Cottle), Wrote in the caption, “The hardest thing is fighting with the same people we are fighting for !!! S ** ts f ** kin is exhausting !!! I can’t wait for someone else to take the wheel. But just in In case you go unnoticed … nothing is in a hurry to interfere … like it or not … I am your best self. It’s just better to find ways to work together. ”

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