T.I. confirms his friend Peed to Drake on the new album, and the latter follows suit

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Rumors about Terrance Beasley peeing at you aka Cap on song maker Hotline Bling were first started by Meek Mill, who sang on Wanna Know, “ I let Tipp Homy pee you at a movie theater n *** a, we don’t Forget.

Ice Showbiz – Now this TI Confirmed an old rumor surrounding him and DrakeThe latter, apparently, had no reason to pursue fellow rapper anymore. The Canadian star pressed the “unfollow” button on the rapper’s “No Mediocre” Instagram page after Tep revealed on his new album “The LIBRA” that his friend had urinated on Drake before.

Tepe admitted to his song “We Did It Big” that appeared John Legend. “Caught a corpse, millions spent on your“ case, ”singing.“ While I’m fighting myself, somehow I drove you home / So drunk in Los Angeles, I ended up peeing on Drake, s ** t / F ** k, that’s still my brother since he got back to the trap house. ”

Now, days after the album hit stores, Tip is no longer on Drake’s next list.

Rumors of the accident first surfaced publicly in 2015, when Drake was in full beef with Depository mill. Rapper Philly, who released a song titled “I Want To Know”, released to the tune, “I let Tephomey urinate you in a movie theater, we will never forget / Real n *** as in the previous style this s ** t lit / this that Ja rule Understood 50 cents. ”

Shortly after Mick’s allegations made headlines, sources clarified that the accident occurred during a special examination of “Takers“In 2010. Terrance Beasley, also known as Cap, who was killed in prison nearly a year ago, was allegedly getting drunk and starting to urinate on himself. Other reports indicated that he got in on the matter with Drake and his crew, with some peeing Unintentionally beat maker “Bling Hotline”.

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It is said that Drake, upon learning of this, got up from his seat 30 minutes after the movie, cursed and left.

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