Sywert van Lienden: There was no harm to customers

Sywert van Lienden: There was no harm to customers

Sywert van Lienden says there was no financial disadvantage for a few dozen customers who ordered quick tests and a mouthpiece from Aid Troops. Thus he responds to the ANP news agency regarding an article by Follow the Money.

The research platform reported this morning that Van Lienden and his partners with Relief Goods Alliance bv have not only earned from selling mouth coverings to the government, but also from selling mouth coverings and rapid tests to healthcare organizations and business customers.

These clients were convinced they would work with the Auxiliary Alliance Foundation, a non-profit organization. Professional lawyers tell the press research platform that there may be fraud. According to the FTM, Van Lienden and his associates tricked clients into thinking they were doing business with the charity while he and his buddies were making money from the deal. Van Lienden did not want to comment against the FTM.

“The data from the FTM is incorrect”

The data in the FTM article is incorrect, he told the news agency. “The listed trades, order numbers and customer relationship information are incorrect. There are customers that have been explicitly reported. There are also other customers that we are still investigating. We are still rebuilding that.”

Van Lienden assures that clients are never financially disadvantaged by their orders. “Customers at RGA got equal rates and volume discounts. So it doesn’t matter where the customer buys – so there’s nothing wrong. Of course everyone got their stuff and all the services you can count on are provided.”

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“Maybe ambiguity because of two names”

However, confusion may have arisen due to the use of two institutional names. Van Lienden acknowledges that “the dual structure of a nonprofit and a large BV next to the foundation, so that we can work for it without pay, can create some ambiguity.” “We’ve been tightening and improving that recently, checking to see if there really is ambiguity and ambiguity.”

Van Linden states that he and his associates made no money from the Auxiliary Forces Foundation. They received a monthly stipend through RGA. “To be clear: All orders fulfilled via the Auxiliary Forces webstore were done across the organization. This relates to tens of thousands of orders, about 99.7 percent. That might give a sense of lineage.”

“I have not received any complaints”

According to Van Lienden, customer complaints have never been received before. He says the auxiliary forces will be calling the three disgruntled customers named in the FTM article on Monday to ask about the situation. “How they came to us and how the contact was made. It has to be done properly. If we receive a complaint from a customer, we resolve it.”

Van Linden and his associates came into infamy in May of this year for making a profit of $1 million from a controversial mask deal with the government, while claiming they could gain nothing from it.

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