Sywert Van Lienden: Face mask deal documents give ‘disturbing picture’

Sywert Van Lienden: Face mask deal documents give 'disturbing picture'

Van Linden says this information is new to him on Twitter† “It gives a horrific picture.” The entrepreneur writes that it is based on app conversations between senior officials and then-Minister of Health Hugo de Jong.

“This information shows an attempt to cut off the supply of Auxiliary Forces Alliance, among other things, to health care providers,” says van Linden. He doesn’t say exactly what messages or phrases he means.

Van Lienden and his business partners sold masks from the not-for-profit, but also from the Relief Goods Alliance. With the sale of mouth coverings from that company, they earned 28 million euros in total, while Van Linden said it was selfless.

‘Wrong suggestions’

The current housing minister himself maintains that he was not involved in the face mask deal. Watch his reaction in the video below:

Van Linden said on Twitter that he had previously called on de Jong to “open up about things”. “We have complete confidence in the outcome of the Deloitte investigation. Thanks to the people who have the patience to wait for the results.”

Searching in Van Lienden

The criminal investigation of the 31-year-old businessman is still ongoing. At the end of February he was arrested along with two of his comrades. The Public Prosecution Office said earlier that Van Linden was released after a few days, but he is still a suspect and the investigation is ongoing.

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