Surpost staff knocks on the cum’s door again

Surpost-medewerkers kloppen wederom aan bij vicepresident

Surpost employees are tired of the situation in the company. According to them, no one has a listening ear for them. They don’t know where they stand. The group again headed to the vice president’s office on Friday, July 30 to express their displeasure.

Federal President Walther Otterloo, during a conversation with VP Ronnie Brunswijk, indicated that the company’s management had applied the “no work, no pay” principle for the days when employees were trading. As a result, a large part received less than 100 Saudi riyals for the month.

The employees, along with their union president, went to the labor inspectorate earlier this week to discuss the treatment they are receiving from Surpost’s director, Raven Dahu.

The union president and staff said a meeting with the vice president earlier this month did not produce the expected result. But they are convinced that Brunswijk will now be able to achieve a solution for them. If not, the company will be completely closed after July 31.

Brunswijk promised the staff he would take immediate steps. The Vice President will discuss the issue with the management of the Postal Company. In the meantime, employees will have to resume work pending the outcome. After that, further discussions will take place on their collective labor agreement.

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