Summer Guests Choice Movie: Philadelphia – VPRO . Guide

Summer Guests Choice Movie: Philadelphia - VPRO . Guide

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Deema, director of B-grade films and musical documentaries and Academy Award winner The Silence of the Lambs, loves to make films on the topics that touch him. In 1998 he said about this in an interview with Watchman: ‘I had strong feelings about different topics, so getting the chance to make films about things you care about most is a huge thrill. It’s great to be able to do that.”

After witnessing firsthand how a close friend was affected by the disease, and at the same time noticing the growing fear and discrimination against HIV patients in America, Deem decided to make the film. “We didn’t want to make a movie for an audience of people who actually care about AIDS patients,” Deem said in a 2013 interview. “We wanted to reach people who don’t care about people with AIDS, who look down on them. That was our target group.”

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Philadelphia Nominated for five Academy Awards, he won two: Tom Hanks, the movie star, took home Best Actor (his first Oscar), and rock icon Bruce Springsteen took Best Figurine for a song. his number Streets of Philadelphia, which can be heard in the introduction to the film, also earned Springsteen a Grammy and Golden Globe Award. In addition to an Oscar, Hanks has also won a Golden Globe, an MTV award, and a Silver Bear.

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So Demme didn’t intentionally target the LGBTQ community with his movie. To reach an audience less concerned with AIDS patients, Demme hired two rock legends for the soundtrack. His thought was: The music of Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young, “two artists primarily associated with testosterone and masculinity,” would reach the right audience more easily, so he had them write two songs.

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It also doesn’t seem like a good idea for Demi to let the main character kiss his friend. He said it would be “extremely shocking” to the general public, which led to a lot of criticism from the gay community. Tom Hanks realizes that we now live in a different time, where kissing men in movies is much more common. In a recent interview with The The New York Times Does the actor say that? Philadelphia It cannot be made the same way today. “One of the reasons people aren’t afraid of the movie is that I played a gay guy. Those days are gone now, and I don’t think people would accept the fakeness of a straight guy playing a gay guy.”

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