Stylishly dressed young men rock the cinema after the latest fashion | Currently

Stylishly dressed young men rock the cinema after the latest fashion |  Currently

It fits perfectly with the latest Minion movie: it’s a trend on TikTok that comes from the United States and England to the Netherlands. Today, dozens of “gentlemen” were seen at a cinema in Harlem, preparing for a raucous afternoon. “Enjoy yelling like that.”

The new animated film is part of the Despicable Me franchise. Recently released a new movie about Minions, the yellow creatures from the movie. It’s the second part of Minios, which is where the noise originated: tight in a suit with a lot of noise for the movie.

“I don’t really know why, it’s just so much fun,” says a young visitor. There is no clear reason to wear the suit. Another said, “It’s funny that we’re actually too old to see this movie and come here in very dangerous clothes.”


More and more cinemas in England are no longer allowing young people to go to Minions in suits. Because although the visitors are elegantly dressed, they cause a lot of inconvenience. It turns out to be part of a puzzling phenomenon of screaming during the movie.

“Shouting hard ‘King Bob,’ that’s a saying from the first Minions movie,” explains the little boy. It is a joke among young people that there is a loud scream. They also clap loudly and make a special hand gesture. Visitors enjoy it very much.

Best movie of the year

Cinema chain Pathé has announced that visitors in suits can be kicked out of the cinema if they make a big fuss. So some choose eggs for their money and leave their packaging at home.

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A fan of the film concludes, “My suit was already ready, but it was too risky. If you were sent, you would miss one of the best films of the year, of course you wouldn’t.”

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