Studio 100 celebrates its 25th anniversary with a party number –

Studio 100 celebrates its 25th anniversary with a party number -

Studio 100 released a party number in honor of the 25th anniversary. The Belgian production house celebrates its silver anniversary with a song entitled “Festival”.

“The foundation of our company was laid in a small broadcast booth, where Geert advertised children’s programs alongside Samson,” CEO Hans Burlon says of the company’s assets. In addition to Samson and Gert, Studio 100 is known for kids’ shows, K3 music, Kabouter Plop, and Ghost Rockers.

“The capture of K3 was a decisive breakthrough for us in the Netherlands, and thus our first official step outside the Belgian borders,” recalls Lt. Col. Geert Verholst. “That left us wanting more!” Studio 100 is now located in Germany, France, and the United States. Additionally, the production house opened Plopsaland amusement park in 2000. “One of the most dangerous jumps in our career. This is very different from making a TV show,” said Verholst.

The company’s anniversary will be celebrated in a number of ways, the launch of the party number being the first. The song also included a video featuring multiple Studio 100 celebrities. K3, Plop, Piet Piraat, Mega Mindy and more will be featured.

The festival song can now be heard on various broadcast platforms. The video can be watched Monday from 5 p.m. on the Studio 100 YouTube channel.

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