Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Ratings: Watch or Skip?

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Ratings: Watch or Skip?

It looks like Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is off to a very promising start.

This week goes by Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Launched in the United States. We’ll have to wait a little longer here in the Netherlands, and the streaming service Paramount+ should be launched in the Netherlands. But this does not prevent us from taking a closer look at the reception of the series.

The first reviews of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds It flows slowly and paints a clear picture. It is one of the best Star TrekA series over the years and a series full of possibilities.

Star Trek: Strange New WorldsReviews
Here are some of the many responses:

IGN“The series takes a classic approach to the franchise, with both the characters and the setting, and the way the story is told. Funny, inspiring and unusual. Strange new worlds is the best journey in years.”

inverse“Star Trek is back to basics with multiple incarnations. Strange New Worlds is the most realistic attempt at doing that.”

GamesRadar“This is a very promising start for the latest branch in the expanded Star Trek universe. The Strange New Worlds go where their predecessors went before, but they do so in style.”

TVLine“A red alert is that stand-alone stories so far are mostly okay. It’s mostly standard science fiction stuff.” […] It’s a promising start, with a strong staff and everything full of potential.”

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