‘Squid’ may have made Netflix history

'Squid' may have made Netflix history
Netflix series squid game He could make history if he was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award, or even managed to win it.

South Korean series has been a worldwide hit and could easily become the most popular Netflix series of all time. At the center are people who have no financial resources and are recruited by a mysterious organization in a deadly competition. One of the 456 participants appears as a survivor and winner, receiving millions in return.

Twee Emmy’s?
squid game Made in South Korea and the characters speak Korean. But the show is still eligible for a Primetime Emmy, because it is produced by the US company Netflix, with the goal of starting distribution in the United States.

Since the series is made internationally, it could also compete for an International Emmys Award. Netflix only has to choose between the two, because the series can’t compete for both Emmys.

Considering a non-English series show at the Primetime Emmys is a rarity, and seems totally unique! Stream the Squid Game on Netflix, where you can watch all nine episodes.

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